Eleanor Daisy Atkinson

Hello, I’m Ellie! I am an illustrator based in Manchester. My work is intricate, vibrant and created through the process of collage and paper cut. I aim to maintain a sense of optimism and celebration within my work. After spending the last few years at home in Guernsey, I have gained much inspiration from coastal landscapes and sea swimming!

More About Me

I have worked on a range of projects from creating a cover illustration for Foodies magazine 100th anniversary to making social media content for Jägermeister. I enjoy working with individual clients to create bespoke commissions which a loved one will treasure. When not working as a freelancer, I like to immerse myself within community art projects having worked with Guernsey Alzheimer's Association and Cheshire Home. In my free time I can be found experimenting in the kitchen, obsessing over adorable animals or wild swimming. I am always looking for a new challenge, so drop me an email if you are interested in working with me.


My Favourites


I miss having a pint with you postcard

I’ll always order one of these Guernsey classics in my local pub.


St Peter Port High Street Print

I have always loved this piece because of its iconic location in Guernsey. The intricate and colourful detail brings the scene to life and is one of my best selling prints.


Les Bourgs - 30 Bays

Wow 136 lovely swimmers, 3 dogs and 2 seagulls later and we have the finished piece! Thank you to those of you who submitted photos, I was blown away by how many of my Guernsey followers got in touch. It was an absolute joy to capture your fabulous swimsuits, funky accessories and beautiful friendships, in this very special collaboration.

It was great to be asked to produce a piece of work for the 30 bays in 30 days event run by Les Bourgs. This design has been printed on tea towels and these are available at the Les Bourgs shop and online. A variety of different sized prints of the original piece are available to purchase at Iris and Dora and online with a percentage of each sale going to Les Bourgs.


Guernsey Toms Postcard

Tomatoes are an important part of Guernsey's cultural history. Also tomatoes are just awesome!